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From the Principal

Davis families,

As we transition from September into a new month, I wanted to share with you the “Raider Review” newsletter that was sent out via email on Sept 25th with some information for October. 
Raider Review Sept 28-Oct 2
(If you are NOT receiving this newsletter, please contact the Davis main office).

We are beginning to see Fall sports underway and I wanted to share with you the block schedule calendar that the district released yesterday for this month.  Please pay close attention to October 7th and 8th as there is information in the newsletter about the change in class hours due to count day and possible parent/teacher conferences.  There is also some information in regard to benchmark assessments that 7th, 8th and 9th grade students are going to be taking during the month. 

Parent teacher conferences are normally scheduled to take place in the first few weeks of October, but as of this time I do not have any information to share with you in regard to what this will look like this school year.  As I get information, I will pass it along to you. 

Any additional updates will be communicated to your through School Messenger and will contain the subject line, “Parent Information”.  If we move to face to face instruction at some point in the year, you can expect the weekly newsletter to resume.   (again, if you are not receiving messages, please contact the Davis main office)

There is one additional attachment below for 9th grade parents and a practice PSAT that students can sign up for and take in late October. 
PSAT Parent Letter Fall 2020  

Thank you for your patience and support!
Mr. Shepard, Davis Jr. High Principal

some reminders:
Students should be logged into their Schoology accounts each day by 8:20am to begin 1st hour (A day) or 4th hour (B day). Their lunch break is from 12:36-1:06pm. Information for their classes will come from their teacher with instructions for the class.

Students will be marked absent if they are not logged into classes daily. Please call the office if your child is missing class due to illness, appointments, etc… as you would if they were attending school in person, so that it can be recorded and documented correctly.

With the Board of Education's decision to start school with students in the remote environment, the district provided device will be the only school supply needed at this time. Depending on certain needs, teachers may recommend other supplies (such as colored pencils for an art class, for example). Basic supplies such as pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, etc. should also be considered for your child at home. Teachers will be sharing class information with students in the first two weeks of school online and this could also include what items are needed. 

The Davis Junior High Mission is dedicated to creating a successful partnership of staff, parents and community to prepare our students to be positively-contributing members of society, and productive and responsible citizens.  We promote understanding and respect for all people and strive to inspire our students to become knowledgeable, caring, self-directed and productive learners who readily meet the challenges of a diverse world and global economy.

Students must have their ID card on them at all times during the school day.   All students will receive an ID at the beginning of each school year. 
Please click on the Raider Review tab for all information, consequences, and more  with regards to the school ID requirement.
Replacement ID's are $5 and can be purchased in the main office at Davis.

UCS Vision

All children have the right to a rigorous, high-quality education which meets their individual needs. UCS will respect, encourage and empower each and every student to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.

UCS Mission

We are committed to exemplary teaching and learning in order for our students to be prepared for success in the 21st Century.
We will achieve this commitment by engaging the entire community to focus on each child's achievement, with the expectation that every student will pursue some type of post-high school educational endeavor.

Core Values

  • Every child can learn and achieve.
  • Parents and guardians are partners in the learning process.
  • Being “smart” can be achieved through persistence, hard work and effective effort.
  • Excellence is expected and celebrated.
  • Data is used to guide our decision-making.
  • All employees will exemplify ethical behavior; exhibit a strong work ethic; and continue to develop their leadership, performance and service skills.
  • Technology supports and enhances instruction, business operations, research and communications.
  • The Board of Education, district educators/staff, parents, community members and business leaders must collaborate and work as a team to enhance educational opportunities for student success.