From the Principal


Davis Families, 

Utica Community Schools is in the process of revamping the district website as well as putting into place a new communication tool for phone calls, texts, and email messages to students and parents.  This change will begin to slowly happen over the next few weeks.  

I am going to begin using the new system to send out the weekly Davis newsletter starting this week as an initial test.  You should receive this message notifying you to look for another message with the weekly school newsletter attached.  A couple of things as a reminder:

  • #1 - "If you received this email from School Messenger and another email with the attached Davis newsletter for the week of November 7-11, you should be all set and do not need to do anything."
  • #2 - "If you received this email from School Messenger, but did not receive an email with the attached Davis newsletter for the week of November 7-11 (please check spam/junk before emailing), please email Mrs. Wrobel at [email protected] and let her know you did not receive the email with the newsletter attached.  We will review the reports and will work out any issues on our end to help smooth out this process over the next few weeks. "

We appreciate your assistance as we improve our overall school and district communication systems!

Mr. Shepard 

Tutoring Information
Stevenson High School National Honor Society Academic Committee is holding tutoring sessions for individuals who need extra assistance through their core classes or extracurriculars! For information, please contact Khadeeja Ali at [email protected]

Homework Club
Homework Club is an afterschool group that will meet on Tuesdays and Thursday from 3-4pm each time.  This is for any Davis 7th, 8th or 9th grade student to work on homework, past work, and to get additional help. It will be staffed by teachers.

Science Olympiad – Davis
We are currently looking for a parent that has experience with Science Olympiad and is interested in being the main coach for Davis Junior High. If interested, please email Sandy/[email protected]

2022-23 and 2023-24 School Calendars
We are pleased to share with you the calendars for the next two school years. To view the calendars, please see this link:

Other Important Reminders!

The PowerSchool Parent Portal has been updated and as a result any existing parents need to follow Instructions (Click Here) to reset password and access their PowerSchool account.  New parents enrolling will automatically be added into the update.  The update will also require mobile app users to delete and redownload the app.  



...Will be sent at the end of each week for the following week's news via email.  Click Here for this week's Raider Review.

Davis Junior High Student ID Policy School Year 2022-23

Thank you to all of our parents for reminding your children to wear their Davis identification badges every day!
We appreciate you partnering with us!

(All Students Must Have ID’s Visible)
Davis Junior High School continues to work to ensure the safety and security for all staff and students. This is a top priority each and every day. All students at Davis will now be required to wear and have visible their school ID badges at all times.  Students need to wear their IDs to purchase lunch or snacks.

The wearing of student IDs provides easy identification of students for teachers, substitutes, district staff personnel, and law enforcement if ever needed.  Students need to have their ID's visible when in the halls and during lunch as well as any office areas throughout the school.  To avoid leaving one at home or losing their ID's, students should get into the habit of leaving them in their lockers at the end of each day.

REPLACEMENT ID COST IS $5 if lost or damaged. 

Laptop STUDENT Use Reminder... 

Students are NOT to be using their school issued laptop for personal use. 
It is for student /school use only.  Students are not allowed to download games, extensions, add VPN's, etc., and are not to use their student email to create any accounts unless they have an authorization from a teacher.  This also helps to keep their email inbox free of clutter and spam as well as inadvertently downloading a virus.

The TEAMS chat and call features is available ONLY to reach out to teachers and staff and to be utilized during class meetings.  This is the same for all platforms/apps that act as a communication tool. Students can set up group chats but is limited to homework and school related content. This applies to Schoology messages as well as email.

Please feel free to check your student's laptops to be sure they are using the laptops accordingly.  Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding your student's laptop.

Upcoming Events

No events found.
The Davis Junior High Mission is dedicated to creating a successful partnership of staff, parents and community to prepare our students to be positively-contributing members of society, and productive and responsible citizens.  We promote understanding and respect for all people and strive to inspire our students to become knowledgeable, caring, self-directed and productive learners who readily meet the challenges of a diverse world and global economy.

Students must have their ID card on them at all times during the school day.   All students will receive an ID at the beginning of each school year. 
Please click on the Raider Review tab for all information, consequences, and more  with regards to the school ID requirement.
Replacement ID's are $5 and can be purchased in the main office at Davis.

UCS Vision

Utica Community Schools, in partnership with our community, will empower students to positively transform their future and the world.


UCS Mission

Utica Community Schools ignites a passion for learning in all students. We strengthen our community by welcoming all learners, honoring culture, and inspiring remarkable growth and achievement. We accomplish this by:

• Ensuring students are at the heart of all decisions

• Collaborating with all stakeholders

• Providing a safe and supportive environment

• Encouraging mindsets that are open to innovation

• Reimagining what school can be

• Promoting high expectations throughout Utica Community Schools

• Committing to multiple pathways toward excellence and achievement for all