AVID - Commit to Student Success
Posted on 10/19/2016

AVID students visited Macomb Community College's Middle School Day on Monday, October 17, 2016. While on Center Campus, students learned about the many academic and social opportunities available to them in the years to come.


Students reviewed the importance of earning high grades and enrolling in challenging courses, in both junior high and high school. They learned too about dual enrollment, Summer Career Academies, and Career Services on campus. Students played Career Services Jeopardy with Mr. Mark Jewett, and learned how to explore and find the right career for them. Mr. Jewett emphasized the importance of exploring career options now, in order to determine their paths in the future.


Students also created a miniature hover craft with the Associate Dean of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Don Hutchinson. Students enjoyed the hands on experience of what learning may be like for them as students at Macomb Community College, and later at four-year colleges and universities.

making a hover craft

making a hover craft

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