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Davis students put their best foot forward to support “Socktober”
Davis students put their best foot forward to support “Socktober”
Posted on 11/13/2018
Students with collected socksWhen it comes to supporting local charities, Davis Junior High School students can proudly say they’ve got it covered.

The school’s student council recently held a “Socktober” event to raise socks for local shelters.

The fundraiser was initiated after students learned that socks were the most needed piece of clothing for the Turning Point Shelter.

"It is really nice to help the homeless,” said ninth-grader Rudy Patel, who donated more than 50 socks. “I was surprised socks are one of the most needed items, but it gets cold here so it makes sense. It's sad that some people might not have them." 

Students were asked to donate socks to their fourth hour teachers. At the end of the fundraisers, students had donated a 458 pairs of socks, according to student council advisor Melissa Austin.

"It was important for us to donate to a good cause,” said student council member Elizabeth Hakim. “I think the school did really well! There were so many of us pitching in, it was awesome!"