Davis student earns national arts award
Davis student earns national arts award
Posted on 03/22/2019
Award winning photo of two forks learning against a wall, with one facing downA Davis Junior High School student recently earned top national honors through the Scholastic Arts competition.

Ninth-grader Everett Felch earned a Silver Key honor from national judges for his photograph “Two Up, Two Down.”

The photograph earned entry into the national awards program after earning the top prize – a Gold Key – at the regional competition.

Felch said he was excited to receive the recognition.

“My mom is my number one fan, and she tells me I can do anything if my set my mind on it and concentrate, focus and work hard,” he said. “Anything is possible!”

The national competition received more than 340,000 submissions with only 3,000 pieces of art and writing receiving honors.

Flech’s photo features three forks leaning against a brick wall, with two of the forks facing up and one facing down.

“When Everett showed me this photo, I knew it was exceptional,” said art teacher Gail Borowski. “The lines made by the forks, the symmetry of the shadows, the textures of the wall and floor all add to the mystery.”

Felch said he took the picture at his grandparent’s basement after seeing similar photos.

He looked around for “different props” before settling on the forks. A flashlight illuminated the forks and created shadows after Felch turned off the lights in the basement.

“All of my art teachers have inspired me,” he said. “Mrs. Borowski has taught me a lot and has made me very proud of my work.”

Felch said he intends to pursue art as a career.
Everett and Mrs. Borowski with award-winning photo